Our Services

revolve mainly around custom web sites and custom web applications but we offer other services too!

UX & UI Design

We can help you design logical User eXperiences that make sense and beautiful User Interfaces.

Web Design

We do any kind of graphic design, from logos, illustrations, page designs to typography and printmaking.

Web Development

Custom websites and web applications is our expertice. If you an idea that you think might be complicated, we can help you build it.

Digital Marketing

Thinking of advertising with social media, adwords or adsense? Let us help you.


Our marketing strategist and SEO expert have years of experience managing websites with successful results.


Need an e-commerce solution? We know all about the different platforms and which ones might be best for your business.

Task Automation

Are you wasting time and resources on tasks that could be automated? We can help you build solutions to save your business time.

Custom CRM

Do you need a better way to manage and organize your leads? Maybe a custom built CRM web application specifically built for your business could be an option.

Technical Consultation

Have any questions about anything web related in particular? Speak with one of our experts to help you make the right decision.

Website Audits

We offer free website audits, send us a message if you would like us to analyse your website to see how it does in terms of performance, seo accessibility and best practices.

Software Testing

Do you have software (or a website) that you are planning to roll out but are concerned about the quality? Let us test it to see if we find any bugs, security vulnerabilities or room for improvement.

Maintenance & Hosting

We host our websites and web applications on world class cloud based hosting solutions and then if you need any maintenance later on, let us take care of it.

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