Our Process

Here's how we work our magic.

Unlike website builders like Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix where you can choose from predefined designs that plenty of other people may be using already, we get manually build the website based on custom designs which you help create. Since we have to code everything ourselves, our development time will be slightly longer than off the shelf solutions but this gives us the flexibility to be highly adaptable to any request you might have. It’s often the case that changes will be made throughout the development process of a website so in our development strategy we take this into account. Below we will describe each phase of our development strategy in greater detail.

The process looks something like this:


Project Proposal

On our homepage we have a tool that lets you pick and choose the kind of website you will need. Once this information has been submitted to us we will send you a project proposal that loosely outlines the requirements of the project, along with the costs involved, an estimated timeline and any other relevant information. After accepting the proposal and making the initial payment we start the development strategy.


Requirements Analysis

Based on the information gathered from previous correspondence, questionnaires, and other sources, we begin drawing up the requirements for the entire project. This is our working document that will be used as a project guide. It outlines all the required parts for every page and aspect of the project. It may also include the content that will go on each page, although this is subject to change with your input and feedback.



Once the requirements have been clearly defined, we begin designing. Depending on the website’s complexity we may start with wireframes for a certain aspect of the website. After these initial design concepts have been approved, we begin on the mock designs. In most cases, this will include images for each section of the website in both their mobile and desktop versions.



When we mutually agree on the perfect design and functionality for a certain page or aspect of the website we begin building. The building process can go on at the same time as the designing process, if any designs are ready beforehand.



We start coding once you’re completely satisfied with a specific design. Our testing phase is also part of the build process. The build is considered finished when it exactly matches the design and everything functions perfectly and to your extreme satisfaction.



After carefully reviewing the build and completing any testing, we get ready to launch your website so that it is accessible to the world.

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